1. Off the Shoulder This romantic look is a summer must have. Exposed shoulders are in high demand this season. Wear off the shoulder styles in a variety of ways, from flirty floral off the shoulder dresses in flowing fabrics and gauze off the shoulder sundresses, to crop waist off the shoulder knit tops partnered with a skirt or shorts. This look can be seen in combination with some other hot trends this year, such as two piece sets and lingerie inspired looks.  Dress up off the shoulder styles with stilettos and statement earrings to take this look from day to night.
  1. Victorian inspiration This summer, Victorian inspiration is everywhere. Look for light weight blouses and dresses with ruffles or puffed sleeves. High lace necklines are popular this season as well. Skirts, dresses and tops in florals, lace, or a combination of the two deliver a bold but feminine look. This look lends itself to trends such as Classic modern Victorian,  flirty feminine, boho chic or Steam-punk.
  1. Chokers This look from the 90’s has made a huge comeback this year. Chokers in lace, velvet, stretch wovens or even simple ribbon, pair well with numerous looks.  Partner chokers with casual fitted tops to flowing dresses. For a simpler look, wear a silver or gold thin chain choker with a small charm. Chokers mesh well with off the shoulder looks, the Victorian inspiration pieces, or boho chic. In the case of thin silver and gold chains, chokers can be used to add a subtle nod to the trend when partnered with classic styles.
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