Throughout history, Europe has provided innovations in fashion. From Milan to the streets of Britain, Europe continues to influence fashion and set trends throughout the world. This year welcomes bold design in color, cuts, and attention-grabbing styles.  N.Y. stylist and fashion consultant, Christina Kelly, discusses European fashion trends that are making their way to the U.S.

  • Go big or go home The styles making their way to the streets this fall are daring and exciting, with themes centered around big, bright and bold. Over-sized puffy jackets are a major focus in this year’s outerwear styles.  Also found in winter-wear trends, military jackets, biker jackets, and bright bulky furs.
  • Edgy colors and patterns Edgy color and pattern trends continue into autumn, along with some softer colors such as bubblegum pink, blush, and midnight blue.  When looking to make an impact, integrate some of this year’s more attention-grabbing hues and patterns such as leopard, intergalactic shine, tartan and plaids along with the eye-catching classic, couture red.
  • Fabrics that rock and romance There is a lot of diversity in trending fabrics and styles this year. Europe’s runways are showing off both ends of the fabrication spectrum. Ballet inspired light flowing fabrics in pale colors such as nude, blush, and cream, as well as rock and roll inspired vinyl and leathers will be prominent. Head to toe Satin and Velour looks will also stand out this autumn and winter. Look for the satin paired with furs for the colder months. Velour sets paired with feminine blouses will be a go-to day look.
  • Go Retro Europe is leading the way with the re-introduction of 90’s style. The juxtaposition of femininity and masculinity that defined the era’s look makes a comeback. Look for floral dresses partnered with lace up boots, the layering of plaids,Crop tops, and denim jackets, and of course, distressed denim and choker necklaces. This year’s retro style doesn’t end with the 90’s. Also look for a resurgence of 80’s style shoulder cuts as well as pleated skirts, asymmetrical cuts, and bright colors.
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