Landing a job in the fashion industry can be difficult.  Candidates must set themselves apart from the competition and show themselves to be fashion savvy as well as professional. Fashion Industry hopefuls should demonstrate their creative fashion sense and individuality in a way that does not detract from their professional assets.  N.Y. stylist and fashion consultant, Christina Kelly, discusses how to dress to land a job in fashion.

  • Understand the company’s style for and dress for the job you want With any job interview, it is important for a candidate to understand the company and the position that they are applying for. Applicants should do research to understand the brand image where they are applying.  Outfits should reflect the style of the brand, without looking like the candidate tried to duplicate a runway ensemble. Being seen as a candidate that identifies with the brand will help applicants land the job.
  • Avoid too much of anything Overdoing any look can make a candidate look unauthentic and even unprofessional. The candidate should be the highlight of an interview- not the outfit. Dressing to impress is vital in the fashion industry. Candidates should exhibit a keen sensibility for trend, the company’s aesthetics, and individualism when picking an outfit. Creativity is a plus in the fashion industry. Candidates shouldn’t shy away from bold choices as long as they don’t outshine their capabilities or look unprofessional.  Applicants should also avoid too much makeup or jewelry or clothing that reveals too much skin.
  • The importance of the details When interviewing in the fashion industry, it is vital that applicants pay attention to details. Nails should be neatly manicured, and hands should be moisturized, as any candidate should plan on shaking a lot of hands. It is important to remember a breath mint before arriving and to ensure that the outfit is devoid of wrinkles. Shoes should be clean and polished, and pants should be hemmed to appropriate length. A polished look will highlight an attention to detail and pride in one’s self. First impressions can be greatly impacted by details.
  • Accessorize with purpose Candidates should make an impact with accessories that show off fashion sense, give a pop to an outfit and highlight the applicant’s individual style. Accessories should be utilized with consideration of the brand’s style. Accessories can become an easy ice-breaker in an interview as well.


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