Both women and men want to look their best when they step out for a night on the town. While individuals want their personal style to shine, there is also something to be said for not clashing with each other. Coordinating without looking like a couple preparing to compete in a costume contest can be a fine line.  N.Y. stylist and fashion consultant, Christina Kelly, discusses how to match your date without looking tacky.

  • Dress at the same level of formality More important than trying to match outfits, is ensuring that you both look like you’re going to the same function. When coordinating with a date, the first point to consider is whether or not you are both dressed at the same level of formality. Instead of avoiding the “what are you going to wear” topic with a date, communicate about what you plan on wearing so that your date knows what type of dress code they should be thinking about.
  • No exact matching Putting together a matching outfit set is adorable for adolescent twins or great for a Halloween bash, but can leave a couple looking a bit tacky when worn as date attire. Utilize colors within the same color family or utilize coordinated accents to pull together the two outfits versus head to toe coordination.
  • Stylized coordination A simple and eye catching way to coordinate with a date is by adhering to the same type of style versus an over the top matching outfit. If you are planning to attend an event in a Victorian inspired style summer dress, which is so popular this season, suggest a more traditional look for your partner as well. If you’re going hippy chic, encourage a similar vibe, such as linen pants with a Cuban collar shirt.
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