Christina Kelly, a public relations director, has an extensive background in fashion. Working with top designers and brands, Kelly’s styles have been featured in GQ, Elle, and other leading publications.


It’s only February, and there are already tons of new fashion trends to explore! However, there seems to be one trend that is currently rocking the winter world of designer fashion: bomber jackets.


Designers in high-end fashion are recreating the bomber jacket into a trendy, modern athleisure wardrobe necessity. Whereas Alexander Wang has created a fierce, edgy black bomber covered in silver eyelets, Burberry went a softer route with a classic army green jacket that can be incorporated into any outfit.


How are you going to incorporate this winter trend into your wardrobe? Are you ahead of the game and already own a bomber jacket? If you love this trend but can’t spend the big bucks, there are many locations where you can find similar style jackets for a more affordable price.


Christina Kelly often gives her insights and thoughts regarding the fashion industry. She is currently a public relations and fashion consultant, working with a wide variety of high-end clients. Combining an innate business sense with fashion and style helps make Christina Kelly a true asset to her clients and business partners.

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