Christina Kelly, a public relations director, has an extensive background in fashion. Working with top designers, Kelly’s styles have been featured in GQ, Elle and other leading publications.

According to Kelly, this years New York Fashion Week has seen a reinvention of street style. “Street style is the idea of finding style in real people, in real life. This idea has become much more popular these days thanks in part to social media and fashion bloggers”.

For many years, most people saw fashion as being one particular thing or one look, therefore making it exclusive to only certain people. Street style opens up the runway to anyone in real life.

Social media is the driving force behind street style’s comeback. People can post and share their own outfits or fashion style through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, even through their own blog. This has made the fashion world much more inviting, making consumers more comfortable to indulge in clothes that they want to buy and wear.

Designers have realized this trend and made street style much more prominent in their lines. This years New York Fashion Week has seen many more photographers and bloggers outside looking for real people, rather than just sitting inside watching models on the runway.

Street style is wildly important to the fashion industry because it tears down that wall of exclusion that high fashion tends to build.

Christina DiMauro Kelly often gives her insights and thoughts regarding the fashion industry. She currently is a public relations and fashion consultant, working with a wide variety of high-end clients. Combining an innate business sense with fashion and style helps make Christina Kelly a true asset to her clients and business partners.

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