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Have you noticed that people wear athletic clothing anywhere and everywhere these days? Or have you found yourself throwing on your gym clothes to go grocery shopping? It’s not just you— this has become a phenomenon. More and more people are opting for athletic clothing, not only for exercise purposes, but for general use. This fad actually has a term— it’s called athleisure.


Fast fashion has recently become less popular. Meaning, less people are running towards clothing coming right off the runway, and choosing casual clothing instead. It is not exactly confusing as to why.


Fitness and exercise have become much more prominent in today’s society. There are countless numbers of Instagram and other social media accounts dedicated solely to fitness. With this growing interest, athletic wear has become a much broader branch of fashion. Brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour have pumped out tons of new designs— including leggings, sweatshirts, sports bra, athletic shorts, t-shirts, and of course, sneakers. Athletic wear has become much, much more than simply comfortable clothes that are easy to work out in.


This increased interest in fitness, and the various new styles for athletic wear, are the major causes for this movement we call athleisure. However, this new fad is also so popular because people like to wear comfortable and convenient clothing. It is now common to see people wearing athletic clothing literally anywhere— including the mall, the movies, even at restaurants and bars. Since athletic wear has become much more aesthetically pleasing, and working out is the new “cool” thing to do, people can comfortably wear their gym clothes all the time.


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