Christina Kelly, a public relations director, has an extensive background in fashion. Working with top designers and brands, Kelly’s styles have been featured in GQ, Elle, and other leading publications.


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, every fashionista needs to know the basics for dressing to impress. Specific to the holiday of love are certain style elements and must-haves that will make or break the outfit. Using a strong background in beauty and fashion, along with expert advice and inspiration from top runway looks, public relations director and fashion guru Christina Kelly provides a few simple tips and suggestions for looking great on your Valentine’s night out:


  1. Color: Bold reds are essential to turning heads, but in order to be festive pinks are also encouraged. Don’t forget about the classics though–black is not only slimming but commonly associated with feelings of desire, perfect for the holiday of love.


  1. Pattern: Stick with solid colors as they are less overwhelming and tend to draw the eye to your most flattering features. Being monochromatic accentuates any little peeks of skin, whether it be the neckline, open back, or bringing attention to the legs. Simple, in this case, is better.


  1. Accessorize: A solid patterned outfit allows for the creativity to accessorize. The staple colors of red and black look great with a little sparkle. Try wearing a pair of diamond earrings or a bangle or two. A simple clutch completes the outfit, giving you less to carry and not taking attention away from the dress itself.


  1. Heels: Heels are an absolute must for the perfect Valentine’s Day look. If accessorizing lightly, go for a bold shoe. If using sparkly and bold accessories, go for a chic solid tone. Heels are imperative as they pull the calf muscle taut and give the illusion of longer, leaner, sexier legs. If you’re afraid of losing your balance, try a kitten heel or wedge. Any amount of added height is an asset.


Christina Kelly often gives her insights and thoughts regarding the fashion industry. She is currently a public relations and fashion consultant, working with a wide variety of high-end clients. Combining an innate business sense with fashion and style helps make Christina Kelly a true asset to her clients and business partners.

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