It’s finally that time of year again–fashion week! Better known as every fashionista’s favorite faux-holiday, spring fashion week is a time for every style guru to pay close attention. In case you missed it, Christina Kelly compiled four of the top trends from this year’s collection:


  1. Deep V-necks. Dresses, shirts, and even bathing suits have mostly featured an extended V-neck as compared to the standard. Some styles continue down to the mid-chest area while other extreme fashions even reach the bellybutton.


  1. Bare shoulders. Following the deep V-neck look is an abundance of bare shoulders. From strapless dresses to thin crisscrossed straps, this year’s styles call for showing off some skin and allowing for maximum sun exposure.


  1. Relaxed fit. Most spring collections over the years have revealed a certain bohemian-chic style, and this year is no different. Flowy tops and loose, baggy styles seem to be favored over the tighter, more form-fitting look of the 90s and 2000s.


  1. Bold patterns and textures. Say goodbye to flat colors and solid prints, and wave hello to vivid patterns and equally crazy textures. Although mixing patterns has often been accepted in fashion week’s past, this year looks like while patterns are definitely in. Textures, specifically ruching and ruffles, are also a featured look on the runway this season with special shout outs to lace and fringe on a few select designer collections.
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