Every fashionista must have some key pieces in her wardrobe. With the latest trends fresh off the runway, these staples have been updated for the current spring season. Christina Kelly reveals four of the top pieces to include in your closet:


  1. Anklet. Head back to your wardrobe’s past because chunky anklets with chains and loop-through latches are hot again. Wear them with shorts or cuffed pants and a low-rise shoe. You can also use fancier anklets to dress up any outfit.


  1. Stiff denim. Well-cut, raw denim is perfect to pair with any casual ensemble. The best part is that it’s still denim, so you can match it with just about anything. It might not be the most comfortable, but it’s definitely going to be trendy.


  1. Backpack. The backpack trend is not just for schoolchildren anymore. Replacing the traditional handbag, glamorous knapsacks are becoming a staple for any fashion-forward individual to carry. Not only are they stylish, but they are also convenient and comfortable. Play up your work attire or dress it down with jeans and a t-shirt.


  1. Dressy cardigans. Cardigans are making a comeback, but this time with sparkle and shine! Go for bold colors and gold tones, and don’t shy away from rhinestones, beads, and sequins. Use your cardigan to stay warm, accentuate your outfit, and look fashionable as well.
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