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For many of us, the holiday season brings a few (or maybe many) occasions to dress up. Whether you are going out with friends, staying home with family, or attending a holiday party for work, getting dressed up might be essential for you around this time of year. If you are one of these people, it can be beneficial to stay up-to-date on holiday fashion trends. You might love the holiday season or you might hate it— either way, fashion can make this time of year extra fun for anyone.


Here are a few fashion trends for this upcoming holiday season.


Retro looks


In almost every holiday lookbook for 2015, you will see retro styles. This includes, flowing floral dresses, warm colors like caramel, brown, and maroon, shimmery metallics and sequins, velvet dresses, and faux fur jackets and vests. Many of these styles emulate looks from the 1970’s. This retro trend is a game-changer because it is fun and unique— it is much different from the little black dresses you are used to seeing around this time of year. Utilizing this 1970’s vibe for your holiday outfits can help you stand out from the rest.


Shoes, shoes, and more shoes


Whether you’re a shoe fanatic or not, the holidays can be a great time to try out those risky heels you’ve always wanted to show off. This year, ankle booties, strappy heels, and thigh-high boots are the most prominent trends in the shoe game. Ankle booties with a short heel are perfect for a more casual event. Strappy, open-toed stilettos are great for finishing off a party outfit for a night on the town. Thigh-high boots are the perfect in-between, they can be worn for almost any occasion— and the best part is they will keep you nice and warm while still looking trendy and fashionable.




This year’s holiday fashion trends have made a total left turn when it comes to color. When most people think of holiday colors, or simply winter colors, they think of dark shades— black, gray, dark red, dark blue, etc. This holiday season, many trends and styles are the complete opposite. In almost every store and online shop, you will most likely see lighter colors like white, nude, light pink, and other pastels. Although many still incorporate the basic dark colors, the lighter shades are taking over this year. If you really want to stand out from the crowd this season, embrace the lighter colors.


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