The fashion gods have spoken: Tights are out! Say goodbye to crazy-patterned leggings and lacy tights. With the cold weather still lingering, what can we do to not only keep our legs warm but also look fabulous? Style expert Christina Kelly shares three of the top ways to dress your legs without wearing tights:


  1. Go for length. Fashion comes and goes in cycles. As a result, some trends (such as tights) must end in order to let new ones in. Presented multiple times on the runway in this year’s fashion show collections, floor length coats are the perfect way to keep the cold away from your bare legs while still rocking the latest trends.


  1. Wear high boots. Knee and thigh-high boots are quite possibly the hottest way to cover your legs. Leather is the most popular option, but suede is another classic (which will be warmer than leather, too). Trying pairing high boots with a shorter skirt or dress to provide balance in your outfit and give off the appearance of longer legs.


  1. Consider chunky socks. Along with the trend of fall and winter boots always comes the high sock movement. Even if you opt for a low-rise shoe or sneaker, there are ways to wear socks to your advantage. Chunky, ribbed, or sleek cashmere socks are both fashion-forward and help draw the eye to all the right places. Aside from being stylish, the best high socks are also soft and extremely warm. If you do it right, you won’t even miss your tights.
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