Christina Kelly, a public relations director, has an extensive background in fashion. Working with top designers and brands, Kelly’s styles have been featured in GQ, Elle, and other leading publications.


Vintage clothing is coming back with a vengeance. Whether you’re looking to incorporate the style into your professional or personal wardrobe, there are many ways to do so. Christina Kelly shares five pieces of fashion you can wear to incorporate vintage into your outfits:


  1. Coat: Bomber jackets, lengthy trench coats, and puffer coats are three popular jacket styles from the past. Especially now that it’s winter and the weather is colder, wearing one of these coats is a simple way to add a vintage spin to your everyday attire.


  1. Jewelry: Vintage-inspired jewelry is another easy way to incorporate classic style into any outfit. This is achievable by wearing pearls, diamonds, and other flashy accessories.


  1. Dress: There are various vintage style dresses to choose from, ranging from long, flowy gowns to shorter, patterned dresses with flare. You can wear stockings or tights with a shorter dress to dress more appropriately for a day at the office.


  1. Matching hat and gloves: The matching hat and glove set doesn’t need to be all white like the classic stars on the red carpet. Incorporate these two pieces into your wardrobe no matter the color or design. Simple solid colors like beige, maroon, and black are three great options to choose from.


  1. A pair of pumps: Adding this vintage staple to your outfit is a way to change up your typical style with a classic twist. Mary Janes and similar dancing shoes are appropriate both for work or a night out with friends.


Christina Kelly often gives her insights and thoughts regarding the fashion industry. She is currently a public relations and fashion consultant, working with a wide variety of high-end clients. Combining an innate business sense with fashion and style helps make Christina Kelly a true asset to her clients and business partners.

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