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Glamour has released a video discussing a new project collaboration between celebrity and The Honest Co. founder Jessica Alba and designer Rebecca Minkoff. The two ladies are collaborating with FINCA (a global organization that offers small loans to businesses) sponsored businesses all over Guatemala to produce a fashion collection that will soon be released.


The video shows clips from Alba and Minkoff’s recent trip to various parts of Guatemala in search of textiles and fabrics for their new collection. The video also previews one part of the intricate process of boiling plants for natural color in order to dye the fabrics. “The work that they do is so hands-on, so beautiful, so meticulous,” says Alba in regard to the work she witnessed.


All proceeds from their sales will be going directly to support the FINCA organization. This project is empowering not only the women of Guatemala but all people who appreciate the hard work and effort that goes into creating the fashion that we purchase today. We look forward to seeing what types of products come of this lovely collaboration from Minkoff and Alba!


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