Gone are the days of “Mom-jeans” and thinking of Mom’s wardrobe as a fashion-no.  Today’s mom aspires to be fashion forward and to show off her best self.  For any woman, mom or not, applying the most current trends or even just finding the perfect fit in an outfit can be a challenge. That is why so many women prefer to shop with a friend. Women feel the need to be validated in styling decisions- to know that they are dressing, styling, and accessorizing in a way that compliments their features and personal style. What better way to achieve that desired look, and be instilled with the confidence to pull it off, than by receiving guidance from someone who is an expert and knows how to not just dress clients for success, but allow them to be that best version of themselves.

N.Y. stylist and fashion consultant, Christina Kelly, has an extensive background in fashion, has worked with major publications, designers, and high-end department store buyers. Christina is now bringing her talents in fashion and styling to help women shop for new trends and master styling basics.

Being a mom herself, Christina understands the challenges facing today’s mom to be it all, which is why she has made styling for moms such an important part of her business. Christina Kelly is the stylist for moms, now expanding throughout NYC and the Upper East Side.  Kelly’s services include shopping for and with clients and helping women find the best stores, discounts, styles, and trends for each individual client. Services include a shopping excursion each season to help women update their wardrobe with the most current trends and items best suited for their own styles, body types, and features.  Additionally, Christina creates social relationships for her clients through outings and lunches, offering an opportunity to network and make connections with likeminded individuals.

Christina’s expertise goes beyond finding the latest trends for her clients to wear. She offers a service that centers on one of the things that women do best- care for each other.  Women share a secret language – they offer friendship in the form removing a fly away leaf from another woman’s hair, they let each other know that their tag may be sticking out, or that their hem might be turned up. They tell each other where they found that great new pair of shoes or where they find the best fitting pair of jeans.  That care is what Christina Kelly infuses as a stylist – a way to empower women to be comfortable in their skin and apply techniques and styles that will highlight who they are as a woman. It’s easy to get lost in the everyday to-do list and forget about taking care of one’s self.  When a woman feels great about herself, she is ready to tackle the world.

Get ready for the summer and prepare for the Fall with sound advice and styling guidance from Christina Kelly.  Be sure to visit Christina’s new website for fashion styling coming out in the Fall and reach out today to have your best summer look in time for your next outing.





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